The Objective II

For some time, I’ve wanted to do another Battlefield Movie.  It only seems right that given the successes of previous installments, we stick with a known title (at least it USED to be).  Times are a changin.  To tie into the storyline of “The Objective”, our old squad is back and stronger than ever.

Movie Poster_00015

Into the Lions Den

So, here we are at the start and ending of this little series, most likely…  we are going to take advantage of the Battlefield 4 engine with the spectator mode.  This has already proven difficult and without a true battlerecorder, we can only hope this will be completed in both a timely fashion, as well as without many problems.

The main challenges are, no play back, no camera changes.  This was a non issue in BF2 because you could record multiple camera angles for the same scene; something I didn’t find out about until I was hired by EA for the Armored Fury trailers.   Well, now without that feature, we’ll have to do multiple takes for stunts or certain events and if they are part of the scripting on a certain map or mode, we’ll have to restart the round, get to the point of execution by the point system to capture it, AND HOPE to get it.

The other thing we’ll be doing, or I should say I’ll be doing since we’re from all over the planet, is adding ‘live action’ footage for the film.  Something I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to pull off, but I did a test in this video, yes, there is live action in one scene (Can you guess where it is?)  Anyway, fingers crossed, prayers have been said.  The time is now.  Cheers!

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