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I was doing some audio review of some recent takes I did from an audio standpoint, voice over work mostly, and I noticed that some of my previous takes using an XLR setup actually sounded much better.  I have 3 kinds of setups, one is your standard 3.5mm plug, an XLR that connects via USB to my PC, and a Zoom H1.  Now for doing field work, the Zoom H1 is hard to beat for the price at less that $100.  I can monitor it with a blutooth setup that I have up to 30 feet in real time and help whomever is holding the pole to adjust.  OR, in fact, let them just use the blutooth headset to monitor.

However, for studio work, the XLR setup is nice but I am still getting noise on the line.  It requires cleanup after each take instead of 1 or two layers of mastering.  When you remove noise, hum, hiss etc., you can always tell if the audio voice you are using is singular (no background noise).  If you have background noise that you’ll add in post, it’s not too bad but you still don’t capture that umph!  Sound is so so so very important, and I’ve learned this the hard way by buying cheap microphones and setups that should have worked, but instead cost me hours and hours of post processing time that in the end, it was only minimally usable.

badaax usb

I have decided to add another mic to my arsenal, a BADAAX USB, with a boom arm.  This should allow me to work a situation, even with reading without having to look down and keep my face away because this mic is designed for this.  While not the best mic by far, cost wise and time wise, it should be a good investment.  When I finish doing a reading, I’ll let you know how it goes and give it a solid review either in writing, in video or both.



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