Updated WordPress

Wordpress-Infrastructure-LogoMany of you may or may not know, that WordPress is the backbone code that I use for this website.  I also use customized templates that for the most part, need little to no major code changes or modifications.  One of the major challenges using a ‘template’ is finding one that is both clever, usable and has the layout that is needed to support your branding.

There are several templates out there, both paid and free.  The challenge with a great looking, free web template is when you run into problems with a specific feature for your site, that you either need or want, the solution is not always presented.  Leading to hours and hours of figuring something out, (Which is not necessarily a bad thing) except that it is lost time.

All this said, when you have a problem, it’s best to make sure you have support from an author who is going to be there to support the product, not just at first install, but who will also update it as needed when your WordPress site is needing a required update.  I have used PHP boards, Drupal, flash and a number of other backend formats, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with WordPress.  Until your shit breaks.  The reason for the website update is because the previous site template that I used, used a great good called Turbopress.  BUT, Turbopress doesn’t include any documentation when you run into a problem.  Therefore, the template, once I did an upgrade and everything broke, I had Zero resources to fix it.


So I just picked up the following – The DJI Phantom with a GOPRO Hero 3.  Amazing!

Battlefield 3

So while testing some things out in Battlefield 3, I decided to try and put something together in the short term, not story driven but just something that would be very very cool to watch.  So I did, and the results can be found in the Film Streams Section.

Or you can just watch it here!


So one thing that many may know, some may not, I started making Machine Based Cinema (Machinima) about 10+ years ago.  Actually, probably more like 13 years ago but just because I wanted to experiment.  It turned into a hobby of mine where I was actually able to make some money to fund this expensive hobby.

The last couple of years opportunity and changes in the market have made it unrealistic to make that a full time gig.  As much as I would love making Video Game movies, technology limitations for creating them has been very limited.  I’m not sure why exactly because it literally is an untapped market.


Be that as it may, there was one game which I would have LOVED to have been able to create in.  Skyrim from Bethesda Softworks.  Without giving to much away, I am working on something.  I conducted some tests to literally check function over feasibility within the game engine.  I can say that some of the Mod communities creations have been pretty amazing.  If you can’t rely on a game studio to create the options for you, well you can bet your ass some gamer will.  Some of the brightest most intelligent people I have ever met.  That’s PC guys, not Mac guys and surely not console bunnies.  Sorry if you were just offended there but I hate playing anything online via console because of the kiddy play.  Therefore I don’t but I digress…

After reviewing some mods, I decided to run a test and what a grand test it was.  If you are a film maker, what you see you will understand.  If you are a gamer, you probably will to.  If you are just a fan of games, you may or may not get it.  If you play console only and have no creativity, you will not understand.  That said, enjoy….